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Thread: Average Estimated Illumination

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    Question Average Estimated Illumination

    I was looking through the forums to see if anyone was experiencing a similar problem. I read through one that match my problem almost exactly, however, the difference is that I've gotten the Average Estimated Illumination working in one space, but not in another.

    To start, I created the mock-up architectural model for purposes of training. I double checked all rooms and made sure there weren't any gaps between the ceiling and the wall, made sure everything was a bounding element, etc.

    Then, I took that architectural model and linked it as if I were working on a real project. Made the link room bounding, generated spaces - making sure to have the upper limit as the floor above, base offset set to 0'-0", defined the space type, defined the construction type and then dropped in some lighting fixtures into the space. The lighting fixture and its respective IES file still have their link intact (no problems there).

    I've used the same lighting fixture in various spaces, but, only one space computes the "Average Estimated Illumination" field and the others don't.

    I've already tried re-creating the spaces, I tried re-creating the room in the architectural model, then the space once again, but no results. I have also played around with the space's upper limit, base offset, etc and nothing is working.

    Does anyone out there have any other ideas?? Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Average Estimated Illumination

    Normally this is due to the light source not being within the space, for example if you had a ceiling object then the space would stop at the underside of the ceiling, if the light was placed on the ceiling but the light source ended up 1mm above the underside of the ceiling then the light source would have no effect on the space.

    More commonly what I get is I put my lights in to the model in plan view and don’t move them up, so they are on the floor, causing the light source to have no effect on the space.

    Can you post an example? The above is just the first thing I would check.
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