I recently purchased a new HP 510 24" plotter, I am using ACA 2011and ACA 2011 as ACAD on a 64 bit Dell XPS with 9 gig of ram and a 1.5 terabyte HD. After getting everything set up, I downloaded the latest driver from the HP website. My problem is that I can not plot but one plot and then it locks up my computer or just plan doesn't print. The preview window shows the plot but the plotter manager shows that it is not connected to any port and will not allow me to add a port. I end up using the 510 as my system printer and plotting things that way. I have uninstalled and installed the driver several different times without any success. Also I do not seem to be able to correctly set the layout window to the same size on a 24x36 plot it tends to come out as oversize and goes to the margins or is smaller and does not fill the correct space and has to be manually set. Has anyone had these problems or better yet can anybody help me correct them. I can not seem to find an address for contacting a human ant HP.