We are wondering what others are using to show/coordinate your civil site design 3D model at various stages of your projects, to other people involved with the project like architects, clients, contractors, agency reviewers, etc.?
(Specifically the 3D model, not 2D plan sets)

We like the concept of DWF files and using Design Review, you can move around pretty easily, visualize how the project will fit in with it's surroundings, and all that cool BIM kind of stuff.....at least in theory anyway. Plus you can get Design Review for free.

The problem we have is that a lot of the materials and draped aerial images don't consistantly come through when we export a DWF. We get some pretty good looking renderings and animations out of Civil 3D but have been pretty disappointed in what gets lost when exporting to DWF.

Would like to hear the thoughts and experiences of others on what you're using to present your 3D design in this age of BIM technology.