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    Default Stamps - make attributable

    We really need to be able to make custom stamps that will atuomatically fill in dates, times, and user names similar to PDF stamps that read system date/ time/user info and fill in. The whole process of creating custom stampls in ADR is in my opinion way too cumbersome. If I need to get outside, non cad folks to use ADR as a markup tool, it is almost impossible to explain to them how to create or send them custom stamps. For example, a simple approval stamp with "Approved," "Approved as Noted" and "Resubmit" checkboxes now requires at least (3) separate custom stamps (one for each checkbox marked) and if there is a date to be filled in one must manually place a piece of text and drag it into place - same with signature. Then, if stamp is repositioned, then you have to go back and reposition the signature and date text bits as well. This should be much simpler, and stamp creation should not involve dwf publication with block info, etc so non-cad people can easily create their own stamps.
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