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Thread: Photos printing scrambled

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    Default Photos printing scrambled

    I am using ACAD Architecture 2011 and I have some photos referenced into paper space of a file. I'm trying to print them to our new printer which is an HP 7000. For some reason every time I print it, at least one of the 4 photos comes out completely scrambled. I'm not sure if this is a printer issue or an ACAD issue. I've had no other issues printing from CAD to this printer. Any thoughts or suggestions on solutions?

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    Default Re: Photos printing scrambled

    Can you print to any other printer without problems? If so, it would be a problem with the print driver. You may be sending too much information that the print driver cannot handle.
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    Default Re: Photos printing scrambled

    another path to look at in addition to drivers, is the format of the photo(s). Presumably you are inserting a .jpg file - normally a good choice for photographic data, not always a good choice for reproduction. and a very poor choice for linework

    You can try converting to .png format, (and also try changing from color to grayscale unless you need color output- which will reduce the amount of data getting sent). If it's an image of linework, a bitonal tiff or png would be preferable.

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