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Thread: Default View Templates In Sections

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    Default Default View Templates In Sections

    I have setup a standard view template for a working section. I have selected the check box that says "Apply automatically to new views of the same type" in the apply view template dialog.

    My issue is that when I create the new section it says in the properties that the default view template is what I wanted, but it doesn't make all the changes that I expected.

    If I then go the the View tab, pick on view templates and then pick apply default template to the current view, it makes all the changes that I expected even though in the properties it is the same view template name.

    Is there something that I am missing or is this just the way the view templates have to be applied?

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    Default Re: Default View Templates In Sections

    Yours is not unique to my knowledge, I've seen both sides of the coin. I've used the default template to control my views with the apply to all new similar views. These new views then were created with the template settings applied. I've also seen it as you have, where it took me manually saying apply in order to get visual changes.

    That being said, I suggest a test: Create a section, make it look as you want it to, then create view template from it. Now apply the template created from that view to the view, and choose the apply to new similar views command. Then create a new section, see if it takes... Now if it didn't take, try creating an elevation, make it look like you wanted your section to look, then create a view template from it. Follow as above, create a new section, apply the view template to that section, and select apply to all similar views, then create new section and see if the changes automatically occur.

    If/once done, please post results and we can further figure out if there is a solution.

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    Default Re: Default View Templates In Sections

    there was a recent thread on this topic a few weeks ago but I believe it was regarding the view scale not changing. Good thing it is a relatively minor annoyance to apply a view template. If I needed to be sure about it that's what I would do.

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