Hi all,
in Revit 2011, I am making an in-place mass, for a victorian roof.
For the life of me, I cannot find the Sweep tool.
I am aware of the new massing creation environment, but all I need is: draw a rectangle for the path (on top of 4 walls). Draw a profile for the roof shape, which is basically an arch. Then I need to sweep this profile along the rectangular path to obtain a sort of crystal palace roof shape that I can use to make a glazed curtain system.

The in place mass editor has only this "make shape" thing that is just terrible, even because once you make a shape it's no really parametric. I guess it really helps for some organic designs, but where is the simple sweep tool?

Any idea?
Should I create the sweep using an in place component and then touching that face to create the glazing system? I am not sure that would work...

Thank you,