Our company has been trying to get in contact with someone through a dealer that is experienced in Civil 3D. We have had no luck having any of them return our calls promptly with someone that could help us. We are simply looking for someone that we could have an over the phone conversation with and possibly send a drawing to, to help us with some questions we have. We are working on modeling a couple of bridges in Civil 3D and then would like to take some of the data into Revit Structure to finish modeling the bridge. Our company is willing to pay, a fair price, for help from anyone that is well experienced in Civil 3D and could answer our questions as we have had no luck through Autodesk, Imaginit, or a couple other dealers. Questions would mostly be related to the following: Corridors, superelevations, assemblies/subassemblies/cross sections. If anyone is experienced in modeling bridges in Civil 3D, or the integration w/ Civil 3D in Revit Structure please let me know or PM me and we can go from there. We would agree on a price for assistance and pay via Paypal. Again, all we need is some assistance over the phone. We are on a really tight schedule and could use the help asap. Thank you.