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Thread: Saved markup colors by user.

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    Smile Saved markup colors by user.


    Description: Be able to have saved setups by user or at least by machine. By this I mean each user would be able to save a different default color and possibly a custom stamp or signature.

    How Used: In our office when we send plans around for checking and review, each Engineer and/or Tech uses a different color for their markups. This way when CAD fixes the markups he/she knows who to ask for questions based on the color of the markups. It is a hassle to have to set the color each time you load the program. (Except for the guy who uses red!)

    Feature Affinity: Mark-ups.

    Thank You,

    Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

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    Default Re: Saved markup colors by user.

    Thank you for your feedback. Saving the markup color as a registry setting would be a good thing. I will pass this feedback onto the Product Designers.

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    Default Re: Saved markup colors by user.

    I am surprised that his was a request in 2007 and still has not been added?!!! I would like the custom colors created for the area tool to get saved in the machine / user profile or in the DWF. After creating a custom color for an area, we could NOT assign the same custom color we created to a newly created area... real bad...

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    Default Re: Saved markup colors by user.

    Hi Folks,

    Autodesk Design Review 2012 is now available for download from the product website:

    One of the new features is the enhanced ability of workspaces to retain markup formatting. Custom symbols are also easier to use. Both workspaces and symbol catalogs can be shared much more easily as well.

    Please let us know if this meets your needs. If not, please provide feedback as to how we could improve it.


    Chris Blocher
    User Assistance Manager, Design Review
    Autodesk, Inc.

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