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Thread: Frame Generator - Trimming to frame member that is a bent tube

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    Default Frame Generator - Trimming to frame member that is a bent tube

    I'm building a 3D frame for a project I'm doing right now. One of the frame members is a one-piece bent tube. Almost all the other frame members are just straight sections of tube without bends.

    My problem is that I want to trim the frame members to this bent tube (see picture). However, the trim tool will not let me select the bent tube to trim to. I can only select the straight tubes as "trim tools"

    Hopefully the screenshot clarifies this a little more. The area circled in red is where I'm trying to trim a frame member. The front most (or left most) tube in the image is the bent tube. All the others to the right are straight sections.
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    Default Re: Frame Generator - Trimming to frame member that is a bent tube

    Edit the part to be trimmed within the context of the assembly.
    Copy Object as surface body or face the trimming face from second part.
    Use Sculpt or Split with the Part option to trim the first part.
    Attach the two parts and iam here if you can't figure it out.
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