BlockBox - could it be done as a toggle? (I'm thinking single icon on the tool palette to toggle back and forth). Thanks as always!

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Couple of things....

Unless I am overlooking something (which is entirely possible), there's no need to call vl-Catch-All-Apply when setting an Object's Property (in this case a Boolean), given that you've hard-coded an allowable value (in this case :vlax-True).

I would, however, recommend that one do so (that is, to use vl-Catch-All-Apply) if passing a parameter to the Object's Property as a value; just not needed here IMO.

Also, one need not release internal Object's; only external/interface Objects.

(defun c:ShowPlotStyles ( / acDoc)
  (vlax-for oLayout
              (setq acDoc
                     (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))
    (if (/= "Model" (vla-get-name oLayout))
      (vla-put-showplotstyles oLayout :vlax-true)
  (vla-regen acDoc acAllViewports)
Separately, this could easily be expanded to incorporate a bit-coded setting, either drawing data (via XRecord?), or registry data to allow one to programmatically toggle the ShowPlotStyles Property value at drawing open, and/or while in session if desired

Psuedo system variable:
0 = All Layouts do not display plot styles
1 = All Layouts display plot styles, except for Model
2 = All Layouts display plot styles, including Model