For reference, I am using MEP 2011.

If you click on a peice of wire on a receptacle circuit on a power floor plan the Circuit Load Name pops up under the properties window. It would be nice if that parameter was editable in the properties window and not grayed out. Instead, we have to click on the panel on the floor plan, edit the panel schedule, and then change the description while window tiling between the floor plan and the panel schedule to make sure you are looking at the right circuit.

Also, if you click on a receptacle, mechanical equipment, or a light, all you see in the properties window is the Circuit Panel and Circuit Number, and not the Circuit Load Name parameter. If we could have that parameter to show up and the ability to edit it, that would be great.

Basically any family that has a power connection to it should have the Circuit Load Name field accessable in the properties window for easy editing access.

Does anyone else think this would be helpful?