Revit 2012 MEP is the biggest disaster in the history of mankind!
It's a bigger cataclysm than AIDS, holocaust and all WW together.
It's a pestilence and plague in the world of CAD software.
It should never be released!
It's an example of how the CAD program should never look like.
Revit Electrical has completely incomprehensible and illogical interface!
You cannot draw 'Wires' in 3D.
You cannot quantify 'Wires'.
You cannot break, trim or stretch 'Wires'.
You cannot draw wires with snap.
You cannot draw wires orthogonal.
You cannot draw perpendicular 'wires' without 'insert vertex' only 'chamfered'.
You cannot generate electrical groups automatically because Revit draw mismatch of different styles with disgraceful result.
It's ridiculous!
So actually what you get is nothing for money and AutoDESK get money for nothing. To buy Revit MEP is wasting your time and money!
The only way to design electrical installations is to work in AutoCAD and then import it into Revit MEP.
But even import in Revit can be problematic. If you explode an imported drawing then all imported lines became 'model' lines and if you want convert them to 'detail' lines you have to select them but you can select model lines one at a time.
Can you imagine how many hours you need to select for example 2000 entities which is quite normal.
We've tested some CAD programs with application and compared them.
The best is MagiCAD Electrical 2011 and is 3 times faster than AutoCAD MEP 2012 and 20 times faster than Revit MEP 2012.
MagiCAD has been developed of 4 (!) russian programmers in Finland.
At the same time AutoDESK (6000 employed programmers) developed Revit.
You see the difference!?
So guys from AutoDesk it's time to begin to treat us electrical engineers seriously.
Stop eating hamburgers and drink Coke all day. So it might be more time to work.
And the code should be rewritten from the beginning to the end.

PS. Even Paintbrush v1 was much better You know what I mean...