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Thread: [WIndows 7 - Inventor 2011] How to change Update order (iLogic)?

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    Default [WIndows 7 - Inventor 2011] How to change Update order (iLogic)?

    Hello everybody,
    In a fully parametric assembly, I use both frame generator and iLogic ( on this topic which explains how to use iLogic to propagate some section parameter changes on all frames in an assembly created with frame generator. It is in french so far but code is code...)

    So far so good, everything worked until I added some groove welds on some frames. Now, when I try to update my assembly when I changed frame section parameter, I got an error :
    Weld No Spine : Could not compute weld : Possible intersection failure : The specific inputs did not produce a meaningful fillet Weld Bead Spine. Try diffrent input faces
    If I use "Suppress Feature" on all my groove welds, and update assembly after, and then reactivate all the groove welds, it works correctly and the welds follows and match frame section changes.
    WHich means to me that the update order seems no good?

    Got 2 questions :
    1) Why do I have to proceed this way? Did I make something wrong?
    2) If no error from me, is there any way to take control on update order when clicking on "update" or "Rebuild all"?

    Many thanks fo those who will take time for me...



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    Default Re: [WIndows 7 - Inventor 2011] How to change Update order (iLogic)?

    Hi, Hope you have got the solution.
    Any way, just replying so that other users, who search can benefit.
    1) Its better to split the single rule into Two or three New Rule
    2) Edit the New Rule, in Option Tab, activate the option "Don't run Automatically"
    3) Trigger the New Rule by the below command by providing "IF Else"Command based on your requirement
    Example :
    iLogicVb.RunRule("New Rule1")
    iLogicVb.RunRule("New Rule2")
    iLogicVb.RunRule("New Rule3")

    Hope by this Triggering method you can control the update order.
    Carthik Babu
    Babcock Borsig Softech Private Limited, Chennai

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