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Thread: LDC doubles file size on save command

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    Default LDC doubles file size on save command

    I have a 5 mb water utility drawing with aobut 7600 points in the file. I edit it in both straight autocad and civil 3d LDC. Recently I converted many of the water blocks to be annotative and changed the linetypes to a complex linetype so when plotting at different scales it would look better. When ever I open and do a slight change in LDC it doubles the file size to 11 mb. I can reopen it in straight CAD and save and it will go back to 5 mb. I have 7 other utility drawings that open and save fine in LDC, no file size increase. So the problem has to be with this particular drawing. My intent was to make the other 7 utility drawings annotative. Now I'm thinking of going back to the old style drawing. I have wblocked the dwg and copied into a new drawing and the problem still exists. I have read all I could find on the web and followed many suggestions to no avail. Any suggestions for me please?


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    Default Re: LDC doubles file size on save command

    Sent the file to a local survey firm who opened on their computer and it doubled in size also. I tried to upload the file here but it exceeds the limits of this forum at 5mb.

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