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Thread: Human Figure For Ergonomic Study (Elevation)

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    Default Human Figure For Ergonomic Study (Elevation)

    Because of time constraints, this figure is not the best it could be. But it is fun to play with!!! If you make a bunch of pose changes and then use undo multiple times, you can make him/her dance.

    Known issues:

    >Joint at base of thumb was left out.
    >When certain body parts are moved they either leave gaps or overlap. (I have seen other blocks that use a mask which would probably work here and some stretch parameters would take care of the gaps.)
    >I could also have restricted rotation angles to prevent dislocations or broken bones.

    For my purposes these items were not needed, if someone wants to run with it, be my quest and share it back here.

    I am now working on a figure for plan views and one for a side view (like sitting at a desk). Let me have your ideas and if I know how to do it, I will try to incorporate them.
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