Hello all,

I tried running a search but i didnt see what I was looking for so its time for a first post .

So for one of my jobs I have to export my stuff to Autocad to Explode it and play around with the layers before uploading.

My problem is the (0,0,0) is way off in space. What I have been doing is just redefining a UCS and using that. It is my guess the Navi.Work Coordinator is importing them automatically origin to origin and thus a problem. Any and all suggestion are welcome. Thanks

PS So I probably should have started with this but I am a Controls sub-contractor in Canton, MA. So a large part of what I do with Revit is just dropping panels in a model. I have a tedious task of exploding all of them then changing individual layers from the E-EQPM to a new layer with the panel name in it Ex: CP-14xx. Is there a better was of having Revit do this for me rather than having to do this every time. Thanks again