Up until MEP 2010, I could select multiple files either from a sheet set or by adding files in the eTransmit window and they would all be included. Now I'm getting messages that certain files are 'already included' when they are not.

We usually eTransmit with the bind xrefs box checked. Our designers often xref in the floor above and/or below or other discipline's floors into their drawings to coordinate drops and risers. They then 'unload' those xrefs rather than detach, so if they have to reference them again they are readily available with all layer and color settings intact. I imagine that this would be common practice in the industry.

However, it appears that because these other levels are still listed in the drawing's xref list (unloaded or not) eTransmit thinks they are included in the set and will not add them as separate files. It seems to me that even if they were loaded, once they are bound they are no longer separate files, so eTransmit thinking they are 'included' is incorrect.

This is NOT an issue at all in 2007 or 2008 (we skipped 2009, so I don't know). I'm using the same process and steps I always used successfully in the past.

Our local support company does not have the answer, and when they escalated it to Autodesk, got this reply: "If you are looking to etransmit your entire project and include all support files with it you need to do it from the Project Browser window and not the Project Navigator Palette."

First of all, we don't use the Project Browser and from what I see of it, I don't really want to ever use it. And secondly, we don't always want to eTransmit the entire project, but we want to be able to select multiple files and have them all included, just like we used to be able to do.

Does anyone have a solution to this?