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    I have navis files ext nwd and convert it to dwf files. when open this file by QTO the model open when want to start model take off the following massage appear “Error occurs while start model takeoff. The model sheet may collapse” . Also note that the nwd file had been exported from PDMS system. If anyone can help me to solve this problem or what type of can PDMS export it to start model take off

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    This is just a guess as I haven't installed the latest (2012) QTO to test, but I'm thinking that QTO is still not designed to handle a DWF that has been published out of Navisworks (for use with automated model takeoff). I have tested the DWFs out of AMEP, ACA and Revit which do support the model takeoff.

    Hopefully someone else will prove me wrong as the workflow out of Navis and into QTO is something I'd love to see.

    Glynnis Patterson, Architect

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