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Thread: Scheduling the Material "Mark" field - Furniture Schedule

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    Question Scheduling the Material "Mark" field - Furniture Schedule

    I hope someone can address it this.

    In our project we have a material schedule which is used to describe all of the materials used in the project. (We are doing this because we have multple projects of the same type and client and are looking for consistency from project to project). That material schedule work perfectly.

    Some of those materials are assigned to pieces of furniture in the project.

    We also have to provide a furniture plan, with corresponding marks for the furniture type.

    The problem comes in when we schedule those pieces of furniture. In the furniture schedule we need to show what materials pieces of the furniture are, ie seat back fabrick, seating material, etc. When we schedule it the schedule seems to only read the Material Name. Is there a way to direct the furniture schedule to read the sub parameters of the material? Meaning: Can i have the furniture schedule read the material "mark" field similar to how the material tags read that field.

    Example Material:

    Material Name: FA2 - 09720 - Fabric - Dinning Pullman Seat Back
    Mat. Mark = FA2
    Mat. Manufactuer = " "
    Mat Keynote = 09720

    so on and so forth.

    We can't rename the fabric to just he mark because it would make it difficult in apply the material because we would have to refer to the description field each time we applied it or if a newer person was working on it it would really slow the project down. In the schedule however we just need to refer to the material by it's mark.

    Is there anyway to do this?

    I hope that i've explained it clearly.

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    Default Re: Scheduling the Material "Mark" field - Furniture Schedule

    Just had another thought ... alternately a solution could be to truncate the material name to just the first 3 letters. Is there a way to do that in the schedule? perhaps with a conditional format formula or something?

    Thanks again for any help.

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