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Thread: Ideas: Show A Line Dividing Top From Bottoms

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    Question Ideas: Show A Line Dividing Top From Bottoms

    As a drywaller I am participating in the BIM process along with MEP. A very important part of our process is "Topping Out" walls prior to MEP penetrations. Another part is getting full size sheets in that will stand above finished ceilings, Bottoms. It is to our advantage to have Med Gas, Elec. Conduit, Vac Tubes, etc. bends into walls above the break lines of bottoms and close to the start of tops. I want to create a break in the drywall of the wall type that shows this. Is there a better way to graphically display this other than doing just that. Breaking the board and creating a TOPS and BOTTOM gyp material defined in the wall type. I guess I could then assign a hatch to the TOPS. Do you guys have any better ideas? Have any other drywallers out there done this?

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    Default Re: Ideas: Show A Line Dividing Top From Bottoms

    Select a wall and edit properties. Go to the edit structure button. Now open the preview flyout. Change the preview from plan to section. From here you can add sweeps, reveals, or splits with different materials and assign their height.

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