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Thread: Moving Points and updating point database

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    Default Moving Points and updating point database

    I am having problems migrating form Landdesktop to Civil 3D! I have inserted a fieldbook and the drawing shows the points. Now I want to move the points to a new location and rotate to fit the drawing. What is the correct way to do this? I made a block of them and moved them and roated them then exploded the block. But how to I get the locations updated to the new location? The points co-ordinates still show the original location. There was land development command called check points which woudl do the update. Now what do I do? Or how should I be doing this?

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    Default Re: Moving Points and updating point database

    If you are trying to use a FBK file to import all your raw survey mesurements and have them processed in C3D, then you need to rotate all your Survey Control Points in the Survey Database. The other points are then calculated from your observations, using the coordinates of your Control Points.

    We generally don't do that. We've found the whole FBK process to be more time-consuming than it's worth in C3D, and typically just dump out a CSV (typically PNEZD) file from our data collectors. The CSV can then be imported directly into the drawing, then rotate the points there. If you are using the new linework coding system introduced in C3D 2010, you can then follow one of two methods to process the linework:

    1. Initiate the "Import Survey Data" wizard, and use the option to select the points in your drawing. There are two drawbacks to this method. One is that you lose the ability to connect points "By import order", and can only use the option to connect them "By point number". The second is that if you import points directly from the drawing, there's an annoying bug in C3D where the Import Event fails to remember which points you imported. So if you want to reprocess that linework, you have to remember how to re-select the correct set of points to reprocess the Import Event.
    2. After rotating the points, dump them back out to a new CSV file containing the rotated coordinates. Then, run the "Import Survey Data" wizard on the new rotated CSV file.

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