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Thread: Kansas Guard Rail - Inconsistant issues

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    Default Kansas Guard Rail - Inconsistant issues

    I have created a dynamic block that represents Guard Rail types that we use in Kansas. They might be similar in other states. It has some issues.

    1. It is intended to be inserted at the inside corner of the concrete corral rail on bridges and/or culverts.
    2. View states are for the different design speeds.
    3. One stretch grip (On the green line) stretches the shoulder line up to the bridge abutment or wingwall.
    4. The other stretch grip lets you length the guard rail in 6'-3" increments.
    5. The dimensions are on defpoints so they will not plot.
    6. The mtext is also on defpoints but allows visual confirmation that the correct design speed is being used as well as the total pay length. (Does not include the End Terminal)
    The block works fairly well in the fact that the Engineer can let us know what the parameters are that we need to protect and after those offsets and angles are drawn in the plan you can then stretch the guard rail out until it protects what it needs to. All of this is shown in the standard details.
    1. Default insertion is 70 M.P.H. design speed. Flip and then change in length cause the first dimension that should stay at 31'-3" to jump accross to the end of the arc.
    2. If the guard rail stretch section is collapsed to 0 (which is an option) and then the block is flipped, and then you try to stretch it back out, it stretches in the wrong direction. (Like it remembers what the original direction would be before the flip)
    3. 60 m.p.h. - Can NOT collapse to 0 length
    4. 55 m.p.h. same as 70 m.p.h.
    5. 50 m.p.h. Can NOT collapse to 0 length
    6. 40 & 45 are same as 70 m.p.h.
    Worst case on these states is that if someone collapsed to 0, then flipped, then stretched back out, would be to erase the block, re-insert it, flip it, stretch it, in that order.
    What I really need fixed is #1, #3, & #5. The others can be fixed by just doing the steps in the correct order.
    NOTE: to get the pay length I added a polyline over the top of the face of guard rail that also gets stretched and then I pulled the length data into the field. If there is a better way of doing this, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who looks at this and tries to help.

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    Default Re: Kansas Guard Rail - Inconsistant issues

    Did you ever get this working the way you wanted?
    Charles Shade AutoCAD LT 2014, Dynamic Blocks

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