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Thread: RomanS Text font in Revit

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    Default RomanS Text font in Revit


    Company standard is arial which works perfectly in Revit but for a specific project we need to use RomanS. it all looks OK on screen but it plot both on paper and pdf very very faint. As a temporary measure we are using RomanD which isn't right but it's the closest looking and plots a lot bolder.

    Changing the lineweight setting in the settings for the text style doesn't help nor does making it bold. On the pdf if I zoom in really close it seems the text is hollow in the middle.

    Any ideas for how I can make RomanS plot like it would do in Autocad?

    Thanks again for the help on this great forum.

    I found this image in a discussion from years ago which might help explain what I mean.
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    Default Re: RomanS Text font in Revit

    Dave at TC Fonts has been contemplating this situation and created something called Project NEWPLEX to bridge the situation between shx. and .tff. Might have a look, though it isn't free?

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    Default Re: RomanS Text font in Revit

    This is a "known thingy" with Revit. Any single stroke font prints like it grey-scaled. Even filled fonts that are filled via single stroke, like RomanComplex, will grey-scale as well. Arial is the default font because it is a filled font, think of solid fill hatch as opposed to a line-filled hatch. I have not looked into the TC_Fonts mentioned by Steve, which may be a workaround now.

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