Greetings again gurus. As I continue to learn Revit, I feel more and more like it's just messing with me for fun...

But my question isn't so much about the program right now, it's about a piping type. I'm working on a data center project with a lot of fuel oil piping between fill stations and generators. This will be containment piping, with two concentric pipes. Assuming I want to properly identify this rather than just faking it with an insulation thickness (because I still need to insulate it)... How do I represent this? Do I create an entirely new "Pipe" family? I don't see enough flexibility within the pipe types dialogue to really create this kind of thing. I need to be able to specify inner pipe diameter (not ID, but the diameter of the pipe in the center of the other one) and outer pipe diameter, as well as materials, thicknesses, welded vs. flanged, etc.

Any help would be appreciated - your fixes or work-arounds, "industry standards," etc.

Much obliged!