we use a filled region, set to opaque (now in 2019 masking) for our sprinkler symbols so nothing displays inside the boundary of the region, now in 2019 when i print, any sprinkler symbol shows the fitting involved in that sprinklers piping, and even worse when the sprinkler is below the pipe/fitting the fitting is displayed with the full line weight (if sprinkler is above then a thin line is displayed) .

today i was investigating vector vs raster.
vector is what we have used in the past and what is giving me the current issue of displaying the fitting behind my sprinkler symbol.
raster prints the symbols correctly (no fitting/pipe behind the symbol) but even when using the High quality setting our symbols print horrendous and not crisp.

is there a way i can get the image quality of vector processing while having the symbols display properly and actually masking everything behind them

"high quality" raster
full size pdf -raster-high- enlarged on sprinkler.PNG
full size pdf -vector- enlarged on sprinkler.PNG
on screen in revit
screen capture.PNG