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Thread: NETLOAD in AutoCAD 2012

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    Default NETLOAD in AutoCAD 2012

    We have systems running in windows XP that is not recognizing the "NETLOAD" Command. We have tried to update the NET 4 and that did not help. We have one XP system that loaded it fine but have not been able to do it on other machines? Any thought?

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    Default Re: NETLOAD in AutoCAD 2012

    Please note I have moved this thread from the Forum Feedback Forum to this one as I feel this particular Forum is a more appropriate place for such a topic.

    The Forum Feedback forum is not intended to answer software specific questions. Please locate the appropriate forum for any future questions.


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    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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