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Thread: Data linked Excel table formatting

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    Default Data linked Excel table formatting

    Hi all!

    I recently decided to see how the AutoCAD tables work. I was very happy to learn you could link your Excel spreadsheets with CAD. But now I have a problem.

    After inserting the table it refuses to use the table style I have set up. The fonts do not want to change at all. I can change the colour of the text, but not the font.

    Any suggestions.

    PS: Using AutoCAD 2011

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    Default Re: Data linked Excel table formatting

    Once you've used Paste Special to add a linked, AutoCAD Entity (read Table) from Excel, you should be able to select a cell, and change the font in the Properties Pane (Ctrl+1 if not shown).

    To change multiple cells at once, simply select the first cell, then Shift+Select the last cell in a given range (as you would in Excel).

    Hope this helps!
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