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    I'm trying to create some custom parts for my company in the Civil 3D 2011 Part Builder, but I have not been able to come across any good tutorials or help. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some help?

    My other question (which is some what related to the first), does anyone know where I can find some more Metric Catalogs for Civil 3D 2011, specifically related to Water line structures (such as Valves, Tees, Cross, ect)? I saw one video that had a bunch of these and I was wondering if he built them himself or if they came from somewhere else?


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    I thought John Evans had a good one. Start with the earliest entry and come forward, step by step.

    Also, has a good explanation of the fundamentals.

    A suggestion to creating structures. I found it easier to use the simple cylinder and simple rectangle, and just saving the part families as my new family. I couldn't quite get the custom properties to work though.

    I don't know where you can get catalogs, but you can build parts as structures. I did for simple ones like fire hydrants, and just insert a block as part of the style.

    Good luck, and welcome to the forums.


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