We've got a hospital project that we are only updating some of the rooms. We'd like to do a construction limit line around them to show which rooms are being changed.

Normally we'd just do a detail line around the area, but we've got several different versions of the floor plans/ceiling plans that I would like to have the lines show up in all of them, and update in all of them when they change (which they will).

The only way i can think to do this is create a detail group of each area then copy it to the plans...the problem with this is that I know, at some point, the limit lines will get moved, as a group, on one plan and not the other.

I thought about making a new wall type and creating a wall that that surrounds the area, but I'm sure there is no way to make that work with out it joining with walls/doors that it cuts through.

Anyone have a good way to do this?