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    Default Engineering Processes

    I have AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 installed, every time I launch the Internet Explorer, AutoCad whats to run a install.
    I have done this several times, it just repeats every time the Internet Explorer also so other programs is launched with AutoCAD Map 2012 is opened or not running.
    If AutoCad is running it will ask for you to close.

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    Default Re: Engineering Processes

    Suggestion to check and try:

    You need to make sure you have IE7 or greater.

    If you have Anti Virus software running you may need to disable it when you do the Autodesk software install. Some mess with your admin rights and you must have administaror right to install AutoDesk Map.

    disabling your anti virus checker - uninstall AutoCad map - make sure you have IE7 or greater - reinstall AutoDesk Map.

    It might work - without more details it would appear that your install is bad.

    Good luck.

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