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Thread: "load into project" after creating custom title block

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    Default "load into project" after creating custom title block


    I am trying to create a custom title block for my architecture class. But I get stuck at the point when you click " load into Project" . For the title block I went to new-family-title block-choose C Size, and edited like I wanted to. Our teacher has had us open a new project, the default "residential" template, So I scroll drown to sheets and click on first floor plan, then go black into the title block click "load into project" , but it does not replace the default title block. do you have any ideas.
    thanks for your help

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    Default Re: "load into project" after creating custom title block


    Just loading a new TB into a project will not update the current one unless it has the same name. You will either need to create a new sheet and pick the new TB from the list or you can open the existing sheet, click on the existing TB then change it in the Type Selector.

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