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Thread: Frozen X-Ref Layers Help

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    Question Frozen X-Ref Layers Help

    I am working on some design drawings, I have some drawings background that I have x-refed into multiple drawings. However, all the layers that I had previously frozen have thawed.

    I set visretain to 1.

    Is there anything else that I can try?

    I have limited CAD knowledge, all of our CAD techs are busy, so I have to do the work myself. So please provide clear instruction, and play nice

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    Default Re: Frozen X-Ref Layers Help

    VIERETAIN = 1 won't make layers go back to being frozen, it just means that layer properties from the base drawing will not be incorporated when the main drawing is opened.

    So if VISRETAIN = 0 when you first opened the main drawing, then the xref layer properties will revert back to how they are in the base drawing - and you will have to set them once again.
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