Summary: Properties Palette functionality extended to serve as a substitute for Quick Select.

Description: Here is what actually happens:
-in the drawing window select any objects of interest (or all)
-in the Properties Palette go to dropdown menu and drop
-see a list of objects grouped by type and their number shown in parentheses
-click on any object type you wish to work on
-all properties common to selected object type are displayed in Palette.

However, in drawing window, nothing happens. The objects whose properties we are looking at are still immersed in the initial selection. To select them we have to start the Quick Select or other...
Why not make another little step forward, and enable selecting of these objects directly in Properties Palette?
Maybe by doubleclicking the desired object type, or by adding another icon in Palette?
I imagine it could be a big time saver.
Don't you?

Product & Feature: AutoCAD

Submitted: Mon, 10 Oct 2011