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Thread: Copy viewports from one sheet to another.

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    Default Copy viewports from one sheet to another.

    Summary: Copy between sheets

    Description: You should be able to copy Viewports from one sheet to another. For example, I would like to copy a legend from one sheet to another so that it appears on the sheet in the same location as the previous sheet.
    Similarly, I would like all my floor plans views to be located on the same place in each sheet without having to do a lot of work to get them in the same place.

    Product & Feature: Revit Architecture

    Submitted: Wed, 19 Oct 2011

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    Default Re: Copy viewports from one sheet to another.

    In v 2013, legends and schedules can be copied from one sheet to another: select the legend on one sheet, copy to clipboard, switch to the other sheet, and Modify > Clipboard > Paste > Aligned to Same Place.

    Not quite as easy with plan views, which can't be copied to the clipboard. I set up a Grid Guide for my sheets, and then locate the plan views using them as a guide. This isn't perfect, since you can't snap model or view edge geometry to Grid Guide geometry. BUT -- you CAN snap reference planes to Grid Guide geometry, so I usually set up a small crosshair of reference planes at the upper right of my project, and move the view into place using the reference guide intersection as the start point and the Grid Guide intersection as the end point. Don't forget to pin the views.

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    Default Re: Copy viewports from one sheet to another.

    IN V2019 copying legends cannot be done. When i copy to clipboard I get 2 errors:
    1 - Some elements were not copied. Cannot copy element.
    2 - Some elements were not copied. Multiple instances of the same view in sheets not supported.

    I put all my sheet notes in legends with the intention of copy and pasting notes to the same location on each sheet and it cannot be done.

    as far as floorplans on the same location, Guide Grid would be the way to go, although you must have a Grid line in your project to align to the Guide Grid.

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