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Thread: Structure verification

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    Default Structure verification

    Can anyone help me understand the following warning when doing structural verification :
    Cohesion of the calculation model has been provided by definition of the kinematic constrains in incoherent points of the finite element mesh.

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    Default Re: Structure verification

    That means, that model generation could not provide coherent meshes at adjoining panels. If the "iterative adjustment of the FE mesh option" was turned on, then even several iterations couldn't create a coherent mesh (job preferences/meshing). That happens when e.g. small inaccuracies appear. To assure coherent analytical model kinematic constraints have been added (from RSA help: Uniting meshes of the finite elements and the structure nodes by the use of the kinematic constraints consists of interpolation of the displacement of the connected node on the base of shape function of the element the node is united with.)

    Without kinematic constraints analytical model would be simply incorrect.

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