Well I'm new to this forum and not sure if I'm in the right place. I did a search but I don't understand and want to knwo fi someone coudl break down network rendering into basic terms. I serach all through online and youtube and got the network up and running. I was able to get backburner running but ran into two mqain problems I dont know how to correct.

I have a quad core processor at 16 gigs of ram i'm using this as the master computer I have two old computers a dual core and single processor. I need to set up a network render as My images are getting rather big.

i set the quad core as the master

and i set the first computer just to test it as the slave or renderign server

I also read i could use the master as a rendering server as well

but when i open them the master computer says it is missign the plugin and cant render and the secodn computer opens up max and tries to render btu says it cant read ro right to file.

any help anyone coudl give me woudl be greatly appreciated.