Hello All,

We are about to hire a consultant to do a laser scanning for our tunnel. The deliverables that they will provide us are:

1) From the laser scanned pointclouds, they will develope a C3D surface model of the top and the bottom of the tunnel.

2) they also provide a thinned version of the pointclouds in AutoCAD DXF format. In this file, the tunnel will be displayed in AutoCAD points

3) The complete laser scann in Leica TruView format.

With my limited knowlegde of C3D, I'm OK. with the item #1, but I'm sure when they uitilize this surface, they need to thin down the pointcloud so some small overhang will not be shown on the surface. Secondly, I don't see any benefit to get the DXF files, because AutoCAD points (not C3D points) are useless.

Here is my question:

With your experts of knowing C3D, what do you think about their deliverables? Can someone give me some comments about these?

Thanks much