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Thread: Output Ecotect daylight and transmittance windows.

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    Default Output Ecotect daylight and transmittance windows.

    I made a daylight study for a room with several windows.
    In the base run i excluded the windows to see if no light comes in ( results on the gfrid = o)
    when i include windows with a light transmittance of 0.0. It gives results higher as zero. Why?
    It should behave as opaque, isnt it? The more windows included the higher the results become (with vlt set as 0). I even get DF with 5 % or so.

    If i replace the windows with doors, all is ok. when i alter the light transmittance of the door to lets say 0.3, the output results looks good.

    But i must do something wrong with the windows. Does anyone can point me out what i might do wrong.
    ( i downloaded some ecotect examples from the web to see if my model did strange, butthe same effect occurs)

    would be helpfull to hear from you.

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    Default Re: Output Ecotect daylight and transmittance windows.

    I would love some response to this also. I am having all sorts of issues with windows and daylighting in ECOTECT. On my tests it seems that all windows seem to emit some form of light. I ran a daylight analysis on a box with no external windows but all internal windows and got results telling me light was getting in. Using the same model I deleted the windows and got what I expected which is a result showing no light entering the room. Does anyone know what is going on here?

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