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    Default Revit Families

    Hello there!
    I have been searching all around the web, as many of you have already done, for Revit families.
    I have bookmarked many websites which offer content free and on payment. Although, I have come to the conclusion that manufacturer companies which offer BIM content, have very good libraries ( those I have found ; coalesse, resol ). Does anyone has a list of companies website offering BIM content?

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    Default Re: Revit Families

    There are a number of blogs that have attempted to list manufacturers that provide Revit families. Unfortunately, most of these do not get updated regularly.

    Of course there are commercial consolidators like Autodesk Seek, and about 20 others., but their listings are based on a "pay to play" model, so manufacturers have been dropping those "services".

    The one place that has a comprehensive list of manufacturers providing Revit families is BlueBryk ().

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