I've searched all the REVIT forums and couldn't find anything about this. I'm in REVIT Structure, but this is a general REVIT question so I'm asking here.

When cutting a wall section in a model, it gives you a view, where you name it, detail it and place it on a sheet, and now it has a "home", that's perfect!

But....I want to put a section marker on other walls that have the same geometry and refer to that same section (so I wouldn't have multiple sections with the exact same information).

This is more of a company standard thing we would do in AutoCAD, it tells the viewer of the drawing(s) that that wall is built like the other wall etc. So you hard-core REVIT users, please take it easy on me, it's a reasonable request .

I would like to place a section marker on the plan(s) and have them refer to the same section, is this possible?

Does anyone have another idea?

The only other thing I can think of is to either bring one in from AutoCAD as a graphic entity, or figure out a way to make a dumb editable one in REVIT.

Thanks in advance.