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Thread: Style correct but wrong font.

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    Default Style correct but wrong font.

    I am working on a drawing someone else started. i have run Check Standards and most is well.

    the problem is the Text style is correct including the height but the font is not. and the only way i have been able to correct it is to double click the text to edit and then click the hi-lighted style name on the ribbon and then it shows correctly.

    is there a way to change it all at once instead of selecting each item of text?

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    Default Re: Style correct but wrong font.

    at a guess, there's an over-ride applied to the mtext object. One option would be to Google for Stripmtext.lsp, load that and run it. A pretty useful tool to have in your toolbox anyway.

    An alternative (which may not work) would be to select everything, and in the properties dialog, use the pulldown to filter only Mtext. then change the style in the dialog to something else, click to apply, and then change the style back to what it is supposed to be.

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    Default Re: Style correct but wrong font.

    You may not have the same font installed on your system.
    look to the build date of the font as well as the name.
    Fro me this can be resolved sometimes by a REGEN or REGENALL if an MTEXT does not update properly when changing Font styles

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