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Thread: Looking to get the BURST command in LT

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    Question Looking to get the BURST command in LT

    I just started work at a company that is using LT 2012. They are using some problematic block with embedded attributes that need to be bursted and edited.

    We all know what happens if I XPlode these blocks.. no fun!

    Anybody got a burst command working for LT?
    I'm not likely to get a product like this used at my company, so even if that contains BURST, it's not really an option.

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    Default Re: Looking to get the BURST command in LT

    I'm guessing that you know that you can't run LISP with LT.
    Google "diesel programming" - I expect that there will be at least one routine out there.

    Edit - sorry, forget that.
    There was an excellent on-line source of DIESEL routines but I cannot find it now.
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    John B

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    Default Re: Looking to get the BURST command in LT

    There is no such option: DIESEL is a basic macro laguage that totally relies on core commands in LT. It is not some form of magic hidden Lisp.
    If there was a core command to emulate BURST the OP would not be here looking for that Express Tool.

    OP: if you want BURST, find a colleague or friend with full AutoCAD with Express Tools installed to do it for you. Or post the file here with detailed instructions and maybe someone can help.
    Dean Saadallah
    AutoCAD and LT User

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    Default Re: Looking to get the BURST command in LT

    Can you not edit these through the BE?
    This will affect all but you can run ATTSYNC on the several if need be afterwards.
    Charles Shade AutoCAD LT 2014, Dynamic Blocks

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