Summary: Global change of properties and attributes for blocks

Description: The ability to modify and/or remove the properties of multiple blocks. Situation = drawings are received with blocks containing layer naming conventions, colors, line weights, etc. that need to be assigned to different layer names, colors, line weights, etc. The ability to select multiple blocks (global) and edit their properties and migrate or eliminate selected attributes.without having to explode, change properties, and then create a new block or BEDIT individual blocks to achieve desired properties would be very productive.

Example: a drawing is received that has blocks for 10 different doors, on 10 different layers, with 2 different colors, 3 different line weights, 2 different line types, and text attributes on 10 different layers. The user wants to put all of the door blocks on 1 layer with a new unique name, assign 1 color, assign 1 line weight, and eliminate the text attributes (not just turn them off using ATTDISP), assign a single line type, and retain each set of objects as its own block of objects . This process would be phenomenal if the user could see all of the blocks visually as their individual items, select by picking the blocks that need to be modified (or distilled) into a new single layer (with that layers associated properties), enter a command (whatever the new tool is called), and then select DONE.

Product & Feature: AutoCAD

Submitted: Tue, 15 Nov 2011