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Thread: Most Efficient Complex Hole

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    Default Most Efficient Complex Hole

    I am reviewing the method of producing holes in a boiler header. These holes will be arrayed hundreds of times per each header and there will be 16 headers in the assembly. Alot of holes arrayed means alot of overhead.

    Base on experience I see three methods
    1) sketch, revovle, array
    2) Hole point, Counterbore, draft array
    3) ifeature, array

    If there are any other options please let me know. Otherwise, which one in your opinion would require the least overhead.
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    Default Re: Most Efficient Complex Hole

    In my opinion and experience, the most stable (and easiest to edit) recipe for arrays of holes is definitely "Hole center-Hole definition-Array". I've tried to array sketches and then punch the holes, don't go there. I haven't tried to array iFeatures. If it's something that may come back, I would create a new iFeature for every different header.

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