Summary: Add paved track sub assemblies for streetcar / light rail corridors

Description: Workarounds are needed to get a road corridor to act like an in-street rail corridor. There should be sub assemblies set up that are ready for the typical inputs assigned to in-street tracks. For instance, the profile is typically drawn at the the centerline of the tracks. However, in a super elevated curve, the profile applies to the low (inside) rail of the curve. This is difficult to set up in Civil 3D. I have never figured out how to automate this relationship. Also, since track guage is constant, rail designers assign super elevation in number of inches instead of a cross slope like road designers. It would be really nice to see more flexibility to make the inputs able to adapt to road or rail design, especially where we are designing in-street track and need to use different criteria in different section of the cross-section of the street.

Product & Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D

Submitted: Thu, 17 Nov 2011