Summary: Xref'ed Annotation Settings Manager

Description: As you are aware, you can label text on top of an XREF. If you unload the XREF and then reload, all of your annotation will reappear; awesome. Problem comes in when someone detaches the XREF and then tries to reattach. All of the annotation is gone.
I would like a routine similar to LMAN (that will save layer states as .LAY files) that would allow a user to re-import the text annotation should another user detach the XREF. If this capability existed in C3D, it would greatly help our production processes, especially when we annotate C3D Parcels. Data Shortcuts can't be used on Parcels (and Points). We would like to trust that the annotation that is created on the XREF's (final maps, tentative maps, engineering exhibits, etc.) would remain in the drawing with both the Unload and Detach options and/or have the ability to export and import a "snapshot" so that the annotation could be returned should the XREF accidentally get detached.

Product & Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D

Submitted: Mon, 28 Nov 2011