Summary: Similar to manual graphic overide please add a transparent overide column under Phasing for Demolished Phase

Description: Typically a problem for all refurbishments:
New doors and windows are hidden in plan and elevation by the demolished material when placed into an Existing wall. (Phase Filter: Show all)
Some doors and windows appear correctly as a result of symbolic lines displaying.
But Bim and custom windows and doors that have no symbolic lines are hidden by the "demolished" wall material.
Also the demolished wall hides portions new furniture on plan.
Currently this needs to be manually overriden for each view instance by Override Grahics in view: Transparent

Even though I have made the "demolished" material, Phase - demo, 100% transparent in its graphic properties, I still have no success other than to manually override the demolished walls to transparent in each plan and elevation in each instance.

What is needed is: under Phasing: Graphic Overrides menu, an option to click Transparent next to the Halftone Column, just as it is under manual graphic overrides menu. I would suggest that its default state should be transparent.

There have been many forum references to this as far back as 2006.

Product & Feature: Revit Architecture

Submitted: Thu, 01 Dec 2011