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Thread: Leader Origin in Symbols

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    Default Leader Origin in Symbols

    I am currently having some problems with our "Hex Bubble" sheet note family. (See attached image below) We currently use hex bubble sheet notes on our plans which sometimes require additional text such as "Sim" or "30'-0"±" for example. I have added a label with an associated parameter so we can add text to the sheet note. However, as soon as the text is added, it seems that Revit is locating the origin of the leader line at the bottom of the text. (See the leader sticking out at the bottom of the hex bubble) I have played around with several options I found online, but none of them seem to work. To my knowledge, the built in Revit leader should place its origin at the "center of mass" of the symbol family. However, it seems the leader is attaching to the bottom of the text. As the text length grows the location of the leader shifts horizontally. I have tried adding in invisible lines both above and below the horizontal reference plane to try and "trick" Revit into thinking the "center of mass" is located at the center of the hex bubble but this made no changes. When I add vertical lines at equal distances from the vertical reference plane, the leader remains centered and does not move as the text length increases, as long as the text doesn't reach outside the vertical lines.

    Does anyone have any idea why the leader's origin may be defaulting to the bottom of the text? Or any suggestions/input on a workaround for this?

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    Default Re: Leader Origin in Symbols

    Any object whether it be lines, annoations, etc. are considered what you call the "mass" and it will center the leader on these objects. If you move the text to another location you will notice that it won't appear to come from the bottom of the text (see attached jpg). It only appears to come from the text in yours due to its location.
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