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Thread: Exporting Tables without ribbon functionality

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    Talking Exporting Tables without ribbon functionality

    I couldn't find a way to export a table to Excel in a recent new install of Acad MEP 2012 from either the ribbon or right click menus. ...maybe operator error... anyway I had spent a lot more time than I wanted looking for the command "The new improved way".

    I found I was able to export a table using "TABLEEXPORT" at the command prompt. I was going one direction only, out to Excel. I chose a .csv file format.

    When importing back top Excel I used comma separated for the import operation. It worked great.

    I hope this helps someone else who is trying to get by out there.

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    Default Re: Exporting Tables without ribbon functionality

    Also, the Data Link option is very good if working with Excel Tables. This allows a syncing of an Excel file with the AutoCAD file, with changes updating from both ends automatically.

    Just another tip.

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